Due to the deteriorating air quality the school will remain closed for the next two days ie 9.11.2017 and 10.11.2017 for all students. It will reopen on Monday. ( November 13,2017 ). Stay safe..!!


A Happy confluence Of All Subjects
It has been our constant endeavour to bring up individuals good at critical analysis. Thus we have incorporated ‘Integrated project’ in our academic curriculum. Done once a year, it aims at developing a temperament for research, inquisitiveness and science in students. It equips them to integrate the study of various subjects under the sub themes. To accomplish this task the students need to widen their horizon of study and undertake surveys, read books, journals, find facts and analyze the collected data to reach a conclusion. This develops an aptitude for gauging the problems that their possible solutions independently. The topics undertaken are aimed at shaping the students into thinking, responsible citizens. The students work in groups as a team and finally  present their work in the form of a power point presentation.