Due to the deteriorating air quality the school will remain closed for the next two days ie 9.11.2017 and 10.11.2017 for all students. It will reopen on Monday. ( November 13,2017 ). Stay safe..!!

MAHARAJA AGARSAIN PUBLIC SCHOOL, ASHOK VIHAR, DELHI  is christened after the great saint Maharaja Agarsain who was the founder of the time-tested socialist democratic set-up as envisaged in the ancient civilization. The Agarwal Welfare  Society, inspired  by the  high ideals  of  this  great Saint of  social justice, community service; complete dedication for humanitarian ventures, pioneered several social and charitable activities with a view to give back to society-MAPS being one amongst them. The school tirelessly endeavours  to bring in the new processes in terms of technology & pedagogy  , without  compromising on its high ideals.
The Agarwal Welfare Society (Regd.), Ashok Vihar, under the Presidentship  of  Mr.  R.K. Sangal and its first manager Mr. O.P. Gupta founded the school on 10th April, 1978 with the aim of  making quality education accessible to all.   It  was through the  endeavours of  Late Sh. S.C. Gupta that school got the seal of recognition from the Education Department of  Delhi Administration.
Our is a Senior Secondary school affiliated with CBSE & Cambridge International Examinations, responsible for 3500 students and 200 teaching & non teaching staff. Fostering an international dimension in the curriculum so that the children get skill readied for successful future careers in an increasingly global economy, our school also sponsored for CBSE(International) curriculum in the year 2012. This innovative studio school has become the harbinger and symbol of our ever evolving progressive journey with its foundation being further fortified with the inception of Montessori-based classes in year 2015. The growth and development of this significant studio wing form 50 to 200 learners during nascent four years is a promising start for the next phase of progressive chapter.
With the vision to let grow children into globally sensitive individuals, we aspire for not only training the intellect but also for the refinement of the heart and discipline of the spirit. This global dimension is to be reflected in the attitudes of our learners and ethos of our institution. Sincerely believing and breathing that a school is a living organization, we are committed to propel and shape, the inherent potential of students and all stakeholders along the perennial learning curve.
Smart Class Rooms, Multiple Intelligence approach, Activity Based Learning, Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), Annual Presentation Week , Integrated Projects, Life Skills Education, Physical fitness and Sports Programme coupled with innumerable co-curricular activities to scaffold and strengthen the head, heart, hand and body of the learners; have helped us to transform students from passive recipients into engaged learners.
To instill in the learners, the spirit of philanthropy, the school collaborates regularly with the various stakeholders of the community. This crystallizes and integrates the idea of social empowerment through work and action (SEWA) seamlessly in the curriculum.
We are proud and delighted to raise our bar of performance each year for about four decades. Ever since 1978, it is our constant endeavour to evolve, integrate, the very best in all the spheres of our institution; right from infrastructure to processes, to pedagogy,  to people or policies.
Our school is a regular and proud recipient of many national and international awards in almost all the fields and encompassing the domain of holistic vision attempted to be targeted by our school motto: