Due to the deteriorating air quality the school will remain closed for the next two days ie 9.11.2017 and 10.11.2017 for all students. It will reopen on Monday. ( November 13,2017 ). Stay safe..!!




Each subject week celebration aims to foster a love for the same, enhance comphrehension and creativity and provide an avenue for self expression beyond school curriculam. to achieve such aims, each week undertakes a number of activities or proects with a view to provide oppurtunities to all the learners equally. each subject week is a two-fold event. initially all the students of a standard participate in an intra section activity, thereafter the best performing student/group of each section compete/s in a competitive event activity on a decided day.
The objective of such an arrangement is to involve 100% children in a wide variety of confidence building activities, a key determinant in their forthcoming lives.


Learning by Teaching

Presentation week is one such unique annual academic feature where in “Peer teaching” is practiced proactively. Each section of a class is divided into groups and each group is allotted a subject specific teaching concept. Students with the help of their subject teachers create innovative teaching aids and activities to reach their peers.

This presentation is undertaken by the students in the second semester when they are ready to dabble with the complexities with their ever evolving cognitive capabilities. This activity allows students to be more interactive and gain confidence along with helping them to overcome their phobia of the subject, if any. They develop a firm grip on the concepts and the confidence to face and answer the queries poured on them by fellow students. For enabling the students to plan innovative strategies for teaching and thereby learning and understanding the topic in a sequential manner, this practice has its own inimitable rewards.